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Thank you for your message!

 投稿者:Yoshida Miki  投稿日:2003年 1月21日(火)10時24分47秒
  How was my story?I'm glad to know you got interested in my story. Feel free to contact me if you have a question. And please try Japanese tea.  

Please give me a massage about my story

 投稿者:Yoko Nitta  投稿日:2003年 1月21日(火)10時13分56秒
  Thank you for your massage.We are enjoying this class.How was my story?If you have any feedback please feel free to write to me.

Well done.

 投稿者:Shibo Naritaメール  投稿日:2003年 1月16日(木)21時03分38秒
  Hi you students works are well done.
You should be content about your efforts.
Keep up and try to prolifelate the book more
to English speaking community.

cool website

 投稿者:Marthaメール  投稿日:2003年 1月15日(水)18時33分28秒
  This is really cool. I am going to show my students!  


 投稿者:Aki Maeda  投稿日:2003年 1月15日(水)08時31分13秒
  Hello to all Kakogawa Minami Senior High School students.
I enjoyed your picture books a lot.
You painted pictures in a various colors!
They are all attractive.
I am just sorry not to read some words in the books
because of the small size of the photos.
How much large are the books actually?

Aki Maeda



 投稿者:Jaime Khublal  投稿日:2003年 1月14日(火)13時36分29秒
  Great website! Everybods drawings and English are very good!  

Nice to meet you.

 投稿者:Yamasaki Satoko  投稿日:2003年 1月14日(火)10時35分18秒
  Hello Doris!! How was Japan? My storry was Kintarou. Kintarou was very strong. Please send a messege about my story.  

Hi Doris!

 投稿者:mika yoshida  投稿日:2003年 1月14日(火)10時34分45秒
  Dear Doris. Thank you for your message. My name is mika yoshida. My storry is a rabbit in Inaba. Have you see it? Please send a messege.