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To Ms. Freed

 投稿者:MegumiFujii  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)10時33分20秒
  HelloMy name is Megumi Fujii.I saw your photo on your page. You are very beautiful and look very kind. We hope we can send our picture to you too.I created a story about Chrismas and Osyogatsu. Osyogatsu is an New Year's event in Japan. Please look at my story. I put the URL below. 




 投稿者:Miki Yoshida  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)10時29分47秒
  I saw Ms.Freed's page.I think you are kind teacher.I'm waiting for your message again.  

To Ms. Maeda

 投稿者:Hiroko Okiメール  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)10時17分40秒
  Thank you for your massege. I tried to ask Eri about the restrooms Singapore. But Eri is absent today. So I will ask her later and reply to you.  

To Ms. Yasmin Bhattacharya

 投稿者:Yoko Nitta  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)10時16分7秒
  Thank you for your massage. You wrote that you've read the story of Kaguya Hime before but it's a little different from the story you read. What part was different?  Where and when did you read it? Please tell me.

Ms. Freed's HP

 投稿者:Rika Iwami  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)06時29分0秒
  Sorry. I forgot to put the URL of Ms. Freed's page.



Message from Ms. Freed

 投稿者:Rika Iwami  投稿日:2003年 2月18日(火)06時26分17秒
  I put the message from Ms. Arlyn Freed which was sent to me last weekend. You can meet her at her HP. I am happy she liked our page. Ms. Freed wrote: Very professional and a wonderful idea! What a great way to motivate
students tap into their creativity and work on English skills! Plus the
web presentation is great! Congratulations!


Tana-bota & Kaguya Hime

 投稿者:Yasmin Bhattacharyaメール  投稿日:2003年 2月15日(土)14時17分3秒
  I enjoyed reading the stories very much! Especially the Tana-bota story because I've heard the phrase many times but I never really knew where it came from. Kaguya Hime I've read before but it's a little different from the story I read.
There were some minor errors for example: monthes is months mother in law is mother-in-law (same for daughter-in-law) "too" will be "to" in this case and etc.
I also suggest that if you could input voice for the text then it would be more interesting and you will have the chances to practice speaking English. 


 投稿者:Aki Maeda  投稿日:2003年 2月 9日(日)12時38分43秒
  Hello Eri san
I enjoyed your picture book and how to make botamochi page!
You did a very good job.

Eri san would you tell me?
When I make 12 botamochis how much rice
should I get ready?
I would like to know the recipe.

I look forward to hearing from you.

THank you

 投稿者:Aki Maeda  投稿日:2003年 2月 9日(日)12時07分15秒
  Hiroko san
Thank you for replying me.
Yes I passionately agree with you.
We may also need such strict rules to
keep clean and reduce garbage problems in Japan.

I am also much interested in the restroom in Singapore.
How different from Japanese restroom?
Would you ask Eri san about that?
Then Hiroko san tell me the differences.

Have a good time!

I miss Botamochi.

 投稿者:Shibo Narita  投稿日:2003年 2月 8日(土)11時46分21秒
  When was it I had Botamoni? I greatly miss it.
Eri san your Botamochi making page is good.
Try to put movies and the page will solicit
our appetie. Good job!