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To Haruka

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 2月 7日(土)08時39分14秒
  I checked your Kasa Jizo. It is pretty good. There are also grammatical mistakes then you should ask about them to your English teacher. This idea of making Englsih picture book to learn English is pretty good I think. I know it is really hard to write it but it is a good step to learn English. From my experience when it comes to learning English I was just reading English texts I mean Stories written in English. To write English sentences I had to memorize so many English sentences. I remember that I memorized more than 1000 sentences just for writting better English sentences. You know it was really boring. Now that you know better way to learn English just eep doing it. Okay? If you have any question just email me or write it here. I ll stop by here some time but my school starts on this monday then I am not sure if I can check this web site so often.  

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