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To Mayumi

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 2月 7日(土)08時29分16秒
  I found out where your work is. Sorry about that. I was checking wrong place. Your work is really good but there are some grammatical mistakes then you should ask about them to your English teacher. Once you find them out I dont think you will forget about them because you use them in your story. You know what I mean? If you dont like English why dont you keep a diary? Your English skills will improve for sure. How am I studying English? It is really hard to explain here. But you know English words consist of three parts. Prefix Stem and Surfix. For example think about the word EDUCATION. I know you know this word. The word Education means Kyouiku in Japanese right? This words consist of E DUC TION. These three parts have each meaning. E is ex. Duc is to lead. Tion makes a noun. As you know Education means 才能を外へ導く. Do you get it? If you wanna know about such kinds thingy just email me. I have 9 pages documents then I can send it to you okay?  

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