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It is amazing!!

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 1月14日(水)15時07分58秒
  Hi this is Toshi who is 22 year-old Japanese studying in US. I am senior at a college. Even though I am not gonna be a teacher I am really interested in how non-native speakers learn foreign languages. In fact I was teaching English at Jyuku when I was in Japan. From the point of teacher's view it is really hard to keep students' interest in English. Not all students like English. Sometimes even Englishe teachers cannot use English properly. When I was a high school student I had such an experience I mean my English teacher was aweful. He does not know anything. Whennever I write something in English he always check it with a dictionary. I think it is good in terms of teaching and learning English. Language is alive which means that it is always changing. As long as he keeps using a dictionary students cannot learn real English. Anyway I should stop talking about my experience. I am really amazed at the process of learning English. I know it is really hard for high school students to express what they think in English. But you know practice makes perfect. As long as they keep taking this kind of class their English skills are getting better. I might be commenting about your web site too seriously but what I really wanna mention here is that English Education in Japan should be changed into your method. Good luck!! Also I have some interesting method of teaching and learning English. If you are curious about it just feel free to email me.  

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