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 投稿者:結婚できた  投稿日:2011年10月 3日(月)21時19分17秒



To Haruka

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 2月 7日(土)08時39分14秒
  I checked your Kasa Jizo. It is pretty good. There are also grammatical mistakes then you should ask about them to your English teacher. This idea of making Englsih picture book to learn English is pretty good I think. I know it is really hard to write it but it is a good step to learn English. From my experience when it comes to learning English I was just reading English texts I mean Stories written in English. To write English sentences I had to memorize so many English sentences. I remember that I memorized more than 1000 sentences just for writting better English sentences. You know it was really boring. Now that you know better way to learn English just eep doing it. Okay? If you have any question just email me or write it here. I ll stop by here some time but my school starts on this monday then I am not sure if I can check this web site so often.  

To Mayumi

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 2月 7日(土)08時29分16秒
  I found out where your work is. Sorry about that. I was checking wrong place. Your work is really good but there are some grammatical mistakes then you should ask about them to your English teacher. Once you find them out I dont think you will forget about them because you use them in your story. You know what I mean? If you dont like English why dont you keep a diary? Your English skills will improve for sure. How am I studying English? It is really hard to explain here. But you know English words consist of three parts. Prefix Stem and Surfix. For example think about the word EDUCATION. I know you know this word. The word Education means Kyouiku in Japanese right? This words consist of E DUC TION. These three parts have each meaning. E is ex. Duc is to lead. Tion makes a noun. As you know Education means 才能を外へ導く. Do you get it? If you wanna know about such kinds thingy just email me. I have 9 pages documents then I can send it to you okay?  


 投稿者:Toshi  投稿日:2004年 2月 7日(土)06時52分56秒
  Hey Haruka and Mayumi I was trying to read your stories but I could not find them then could you post URL in BBS?  

To Toshi

 投稿者:Haruka  投稿日:2004年 1月26日(月)15時11分53秒
  Hello Toshi!! How are you!? Thank you formessege. My name is Haruka. I tried very hard working on my English picture book. I think that English is very difficult. Please study a lot in the wonderful environment of the US. I wish you luck!!  

Thank you for your message

 投稿者:Mayumi  投稿日:2004年 1月26日(月)15時06分40秒
  Hello. My name is Mayumi. My story is the Monkey-Crab Wars. I don't like English much. Although I like reading English picture books. I started to dislike studying English because of difficult grammar. Toshi how do you study English? Please let me know. I want to like English more. I would like to know your impression of my picture book.


Thank you for your message

 投稿者:Mayumi  投稿日:2004年 1月26日(月)15時00分7秒
  Hello. My name is Mayumi. My  

It is amazing!!

 投稿者:Toshiメール  投稿日:2004年 1月14日(水)15時07分58秒
  Hi this is Toshi who is 22 year-old Japanese studying in US. I am senior at a college. Even though I am not gonna be a teacher I am really interested in how non-native speakers learn foreign languages. In fact I was teaching English at Jyuku when I was in Japan. From the point of teacher's view it is really hard to keep students' interest in English. Not all students like English. Sometimes even Englishe teachers cannot use English properly. When I was a high school student I had such an experience I mean my English teacher was aweful. He does not know anything. Whennever I write something in English he always check it with a dictionary. I think it is good in terms of teaching and learning English. Language is alive which means that it is always changing. As long as he keeps using a dictionary students cannot learn real English. Anyway I should stop talking about my experience. I am really amazed at the process of learning English. I know it is really hard for high school students to express what they think in English. But you know practice makes perfect. As long as they keep taking this kind of class their English skills are getting better. I might be commenting about your web site too seriously but what I really wanna mention here is that English Education in Japan should be changed into your method. Good luck!! Also I have some interesting method of teaching and learning English. If you are curious about it just feel free to email me.  

Thank you for your visiting our page

 投稿者:Rika Iwami  投稿日:2003年 7月 2日(水)23時33分27秒
  Dear Eun Jung 
Long time no see! Thank you very much for your visiting our page. We now have new members of this English Picture Book Class (one boy and five girls). They will soon finish creating their own picture books and upload them on the page. I'd like to ask you to visit our page again. Talk to you later. Rika


 投稿者:Nam eun jungメール  投稿日:2003年 6月23日(月)23時01分42秒
  To. Ms.Iwami
How long have you been?
I was impressed your homepage.
I think it is very helpful for studying English.
I'm wondering You use this homepage for now.
I'll drop by more often^^